I worked at Monte Vista Christian School for 3 years as the Marketing and Design lead. I created marketing collateral for the school’s admissions program and for school sports and event promotion. Projects included photo shoots,

  • Worked with video production companies to create television ads for the enrollment season.
  • Designed marketing collateral and technical documents for the admissions department
  • Created online registration systems used for internal and external communications
  • Printed marketing collateral for all departments
  • Maintained school website and social media channes

MVCS Conferences

Monte Vista Christian School of Watsonville hosts an annual education conference and several small conferences every year. During my time there I was an integral part of planning those events and managed details ranging from website design and maintenance, marketing, attendee registration and communication, and internal communications regarding event planning.

For the Education in a Changing World Conference 2013, I maintained an online registration system for 500 attendees and printed unique name tags and schedules for each attendee. The schedule had the 7 classes over 2 days that attendees chose upon conference registration.

MVCS Conferences

Additionally I built websites for the quarterly technology workshops held at the school. These workshops had only 50 attendees and a more guided focus with fewer breakout and workshop options.

Education in a Changing World Conference 2012